30 Boldmere Rd, Sutton Coldfield, B73 5TD

0121 250 2020

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About Us:

We have a great passion in teaching music. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for anyone of any ability to learn and enjoy music through our friendly and encouraging teachers.


We believe that great learning experiences can stimulate pupils musical potential.


We will always provide an excellent quality of music lesson that is affordable and within reach to all our students.


Parents are welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting rooms or are welcome to accompany their children in class.


All our teachers are fully experienced and have a wealth of musical knowledge.


Whatever your instrument and whatever your goal is, Yamaha Music Point will help guide you every note of the way!


Yamaha provides annual training to keep our teachers up to date with all the latest Yamaha Courses and examinations.


Our aim has always been and will continue to be to give every person the best opportunities available to them here at Yamaha Music Point.