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One of the most popular music courses that we run is Drums.


This course is open for anyone from 9 years of age upward.


We'll teach you:


- To learn the basics of playing techniques and rhythm.


- Improvisation right from the start.


- New impulses for every level.


- Preparation for playing in a band.


The music in the course covers a broad range of genres with a focus on Popular Music from Rock & Roll through to the present day.


We make sure you get to learn the styles of music you want to be able to play.


All potential students can join from the age 8 and upward.


One hour class lessons are available weekday evenings and weekends.


Meet the teacher in a relaxed, complimentary induction lesson. Class lessons cost you £12 per hour and typically have four to five pupils per class.


Private lessons are available at £14 per half hour.


Please call us on: 0121 250 2020 for further information.

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